Can someone give me a quick TL;DR about Firestorm?

On August 18th, 2014, /u/zach2992 asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

Can someone give me a quick TL;DR about Firestorm? I was just reading Throne of Atlantis and he appears but was two people?

Check the floating head that represents the person not in control of the Firestorm body

New 52 played with splitting the powers and still letting them combine into a bigger, badder form… but this was dropped. Because it was stupid.

So, Firestorm has worked a few different ways over the years but the idea that two people join together to form him is pretty constant. The beginning of his (pretty awful) solo New 52 book played around with that but returned quickly to the status quo.

Basically they have to touch and merge into one, with one of the consistent tropes being two very different personalities, like a nerd and a jock. There was also a part of history where he was a ‘fire elemental’… but lets just ignore that.

All you really have to know: The current New 52 Firestorm is Ronnie Raymond, a high school football star, and Jason Rusch, a geeky science prodigy. They were caught in an explosion of the “Firestorm matrix” which granted them the ability to merge to form Firestorm. Raymond is the ‘driver’ and controls the body, with Jason (appearing as a floating head usually to indicate he’s there) able to talk to him. As his powers allow him to transmute basically anything, the idea is that Jason’s science knowledge is crucial for them to operate effectively.

You can see them at work here:

There’s more but that’s all you really need to know for why he’s two people and why he’s often seen talking to himself, or to an invisible head floating near him that only he can see :)

/u/zach2992 then asked the followup:

Can they separate, or are they stuck together like that?

Oh no, they can go back and forth. A plot point in Futures End, which in and of itself isn’t really a spoiler, is confirming that they both have to want transform when they touch and both have to want to disengage to return to normal.

Think of it as similar to Billy Batson transforming into Shazam, but instead of a magic word and lightning it’s two teenagers touching and science. :)

Firestorm in Futures End, set five years in the future

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