Will they ever explain ‘that fight’ between Martian Manhunter and the Justice League?

On October 20th, 2014, /u/Nightangale asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

Did [we] ever find out want went down between martian manhunter and the rest of justice league when he was a member?


For those who don’t know, I assume /u/Nightangale is referring to the panel from Justice League #8 that references, as a single splash page, that it “didn’t go well” when Martian Manhunter and the Justice League worked together:



Short answer: Nope.

Long answer: No and at this point it’s pretty unlikely we ever will.

That panel, while awesome, was during the tumultuous start of the New 52 – the same era that saw references to Teen Titans that later were said to never exist, contradicting info about Tim Drake’s codename etc and the rest. By this I mean that the Martian Manhunter’s background was a little sketchy in the first year, especially regarding his history with the Justice League, Storm Watch etc.

At this point I don’t think there’s any chance we’ll ever get an explanation and all these inconsistencies seem to be just being hand waved away. Frustrating, I guess, but at least we got this awesome panel out of it! :)

One thought on “Will they ever explain ‘that fight’ between Martian Manhunter and the Justice League?

  1. Tony says:

    J’onn not being part of the JLA-especially a founding member-irks me, bc I like the idea of him being the heart of the JLA. He was the guy who was there through every incarnation. He was the guy that held the team together during times that Diana, Bruce, and Clark couldn’t/wouldn’t be there. Taking him out robs the JLA of an emotional core, IMO. One day I’ll get around to writing up a blog post detailing my gripes with the post-Flashpoint DCU and this will be one of them.

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