What’s the deal with Midas and Blood Rose?

On November 24th, 2014, /u/scheda asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

Is there any more information available on Midas from the New 52 Green Arrow volume 1? I’m dying to know more about him and why his robot gal hate Ollie so much.


Not really. They were created for that arc and haven’t been seen since, and seeing as this run was almost universally panned I wouldn’t hold my breath for their return. That said, there are hints as to why they hate/attack Ollie. Here we go!

 By the way: a good spot to check stuff like this is the DC Wiki. You can see the overview of the trade here and I’ll mostly be taking info from issues #5 and #6. So, firstly, for anyone who didn’t read these issues but is reading this, here are the bios for each of them from the wiki:


Midas was once a scientist working on a bacterial strain that would be able to revolutionize the treatment of toxic waste. While demonstrating his findings, he encountered a woman who seduced him, but eventually turned out to be an eco-terrorist hoping to steal the formula. The terrorists botched the job, causing an explosion which killed them, but sent Midas screaming in flames. Burning alive, he leapt into a river of toxic waste, and emerged a monster entirely composed of it. Skilled in mechanical engineering as well as toxic waste studies, Midas constructed the Blood Rose robot, who became the love of his life, aiding him in a life of crime that especially worked against Oliver Queen.

Blood Rose

A former lover of Oliver Queen, Blood Rose was at one point turned into a robot, and fell in love with Midas. Fighting against Green Arrow numerous times in revenge against Queen, she was eventually defeated, and caused her own self-destruct mechanism to activate. She was later rebuilt by Midas.

So, yeah. The main thing is that Blood Rose was former lover of Queen, back before he was Arrow, and now Midas loves her and hates that Queen hurt her. While it’s never really explained properly, issue #6 does contain this sequence: Untitled

In their hideout, Midas suggests that he and Blood Rose lay low for a while. Blood Rose is unsatisfied with this, as she has waited years to kill Oliver Queen. She looks forlornly at an image of herself with Oliver from years back when he was lauded for delivering cutting edge technology with Q-Core.

Now that is complicated by the fact:

Though Blood Rose seems to have a grudge against Oliver Queen, he has no recollection of ever meeting her as a robot or otherwise…

…which could be because there’s more to the story or simply because he was a selfish playboy back when he, seemingly, wronged her/broke her heart. Sadly – although not that sadly seeing as these issues were extremely average – that’s all they wrote!

That said, they did leave the door open to reintroduce them as the story ends with Midas taking a broken Blood Rose off and vowing to repair her. Aren’t they just adorable together?

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