Can the New 52 version of Flash run faster than light?

On December 2nd, 2014, /u/magnifishiv asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

New 52 Flash can run FTL right?

Well, I’m not actually sure it’s ever been stated exactly – but from this (absolutely amazing) ‘respect thread’ for the Flash of the New 52 we can see a collection of examples of his speed. The Tokyo evacuation certainly sounds like it would have to be pretty up there, not to mention the stuff above femtoseconds…


Speed During Combat

Speed Mind and Reflexes

The Flash is able to greatly speed up his brain’s processing speed and reaction speed.

Slipstream Powers

The Flash is able to pull things behind him in his slipstream

As I said above, all the credit has to go to /u/FriendlyFapper over at /r/respectthreads and I suggest that anyone even slightly interested in the Flash should check out the whole post which contains a HUGE amount of info, all with examples like above!

Hope this is helpful, OP! I know it doesn’t specifically say he can move faster than the speed of light and I don’t have time to do the maths right now but hopefully it is useful to you :)

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