Names, alliases and histories of Floronic Man and Professor Zoom

On January 20th, 2015, /u/dmull387 asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

So this one is pretty much all /u/Warlach, because I get the feeling not many other people have this level of minutiae off hand.

When did Woodrue switch from Plant Master to “The Flouronic Man,” and when did Professor Zoom’s alias switch from Adrian Zoom to Eobard Thawne? I’m rereading an old “greatest stories ever told” trade and the naming threw me off.

Eobard Thawne and Floronic Man together!

Thanks, I think :P

I mean, I do cheat by using blogs and wikis etc when writing my posts but it does help that my brain is far too full of this useless info. Anyway, here’s what I’ve got on this…

“When did Woodrue switch from Plant Master to “The Flouronic Man,”

Well, it’s even more complicated than that. Old Jason Woodrue just can’t seem to settle on a name. All the following are from the DC Wikia:

Plant Master / Plant-Master / Plantmaster / Plant Man (1962)

Jason Woodrue first appears in The Atom #1 (June–July 1962). Woodrue is an exile from an interdimensional world (Floria) inhabited by dryads. Calling himself the Plant Master, Woodrue uses his advanced botanical knowledge to control plant growth in an attempt to take over the world. He is defeated by the superheroic Atom.

He used variations on this name at the beginning with not a lot of consistency on spelling. Plant Man was certainly rarer though. Seriously though, he was pretty ridiculous:

From Saga of the Swamp Thing #24 (May, 1984). Art by Steve Bissette. Always loved his ‘modesty hedge’.

The Floronic Man (1976)

In Flash (Vol. 1) #245 (November 1976), Woodrue uses an experimental formula to transform his body into a plant/human hybrid, with his skin resembling bark and his hair turning into leaves. Now calling himself the Floronic Man, he is defeated by Green Lantern. After a rematch with the Atom and Wonder Woman, the Floronic Man later becomes a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Floro (around 1987)

The Floronic Man was briefly a hero, after the events of Millennium led to him to become a member of the New Guardians. In this new role, Woodrue takes on the name Floro. After the death of most of his teammates, he reverts to his original status as a villain.

New name, same modesty hedge

From memory he kept the name Floro for awhile even as a villain but soon reverted back to The Floronic Man. Below you can enjoy a more modern, crazy take on him and his powers as he fights the new(er) Atom, Ryan Choi:

New Atom, same Floronic Man – still sporting the modesty hedge

Seeder (2012)

The New 52 gave us another take on the character, and yet another name:

In The New 52 … Woodrue is re-introduced in Swamp Thing Annual #1, making a deal with The Green by taking care of Alec Holland. Woodrue is later revealed to be The Seeder, now endowed with powers by the Parliament of Trees. Swamp Thing had been hunting him for disrupting the balance of the Green. The Parliament of Trees decides that he and Swamp Thing must fight, once they have fully realized their powers, to decide who shall be the champion of the Green.

Swampy, like every hero before him when faced with Woodrue, kicks his arse. However, because Swamp Thing won’t kill him he ends up becoming the Avatar briefly, although Alec soon takes it back. It was a great arc.

Woodrue, briefly, as the Avatar of the Green – and the modesty hedge returns!

After a bunch of mucking around Swamp Thing sent him into the Green and that’s the last we saw him. Apparently he made one appearance in Futures End but I assume it’s as a future-cyborg-zombie thing and can’t be bothered searching for it.

Further Reading

According to the Director’s Cut edition, Floronic Man was going to appear in this big group scene in Forever Evil but was removed so he could appear in Swamp Thing as Seeder

“…and when did Professor Zoom’s alias switch from Adrian Zoom to Eobard Thawne? I’m rereading an old “greatest stories ever told” trade and the naming threw me off.”

This one I can’t really help with, sadly. I don’t recall him ever giving his name as Adrian Zoom but it’s there on the DC Wikia and ComicVine pages an alias he used to use. The thing is though there’s no mention of it anywhere else on the page or, seemingly, anywhere on Google.

Even one of this other aliases, Mister Zyx, even gets a shout out for when he used it in a Flash (vol. 1) #282 for this ridiculous plot:

Using the alias “Mr. Zyx” and appearing invisible by vibrating his molecules at superspeed, Zoom contacted Central City’s corrupt police chief Matthew Paulson, who he convinced to steal heroin that had been confiscated by the police. He then planned to stabilize the drug, packaging it with powdered milk manufactured at a factory he was using as a hideout, with the ultimate goal of creating a vast number of addicts who would do his bidding.

Because nothing says a reliable army than a bunch of addicts!

I’d just ignore it I guess? For all intents and purposes it just sound like it was a very short term name and was just a cover for Eobard Thawne anyway, rather than being indicative of anything else.

Flash Fact!
Zoom’s last name has also appeared as Thawnye, Thayne, and Thine.

Further Reading

Sadly, calling him Professor Plum never caught on either

Sorry I couldn’t be more help with the second question, but hope this helps make some of it a little clearer :)

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