Friday Fun: The Brave and the Beautiful, Episode 1

Now, normally this blog is only concerned with history and the official Word of God of the DC writers and editors. Sometimes though I like to have a little fun, and for that we have an episode of the DC soap opera…


The Brave and the Beautiful, a soap opera where the ‘bold’ is implied! The basics premise is I take the pages or panels from DC comics and change only one thing: the dialogue in the word balloons. I’ve been doing these for awhile in my head, so I figured “why not share?”

Episode 1 – Ex-Spectre-ing

(Pages taken from Batman Eternal #45)



Will Luke take Jim back? Will we find out who’s calling? Will I ever do another one of these?

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Brave and the Beautiful, Episode 1

  1. Tony says:

    Oh my god. I haven’t read the original dialogue (if you continue this feature, perhaps you should post the original to contrast), but the amount of characterization packed into those few panels was delightful. Doubly so, since as a gay man, I see so little honest dialogue like this in mainstream.


    • Lachlan "Warlach" Hibbert-Wells says:

      Ha, thanks. I did mean to make this a recurring thing. My training as a writer occasionally needs and outlet! I will include links to the original pages in the future :)

      Oh, and as I’m bi I’m glad you felt it was honest dialogue!


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