The Complete DC post-Flashpoint Spreadsheet [Updated to August 2016]

[Update: 1 June, 2016] So here it is, the current, most up-to-date version of the Complete DC Comics post-Flashpoint Checklist! In here you’ll find, listed by month, every comic in the order DC has released them since September 2011.


You may remember previous versions of this were known as The Complete New 52 Spreadsheet but I renamed it to fit better once the New 52 branding is over. To that end you’ll also notice that there’s multiple sheets to the spreadsheet. The first covers everything from the launch of the New 52 up to and including Convergence, while the second sheet commences with June 2015 with the DC You branding. The third comes from June 2016 to coincide with DC’s Rebirth relaunch. It helps keep it more manageable. :)

And now, the regularly featured segments:

“What’s in it??”

This bad boy is filled in with every series and issue of the New 52/post-Flashpoint continuity through to the recently announced February 2016 solicitations.

What is included:
What’s not included:

“How do I get it??”

Oh man, there’s so many ways, it’s like Christmas! Well, I guess right now it’s more like Easter – or, even my birthday, which is in a week or so ;)

Complete DC Comics post-Flashpoint Checklist

Complete DC Comics post-Flashpoint Checklist

Complete DC Comics post-Flashpoint Checklist

“How do I use it??”

Well, it’s pretty easy! When I get a comic I colour in the cell relating to the issue light green, and I colour it light blue when I’ve read it. If there are multiple issues in a month I usually mark it yellow if I have some but not others (like with the weeklies) with an /> to separate those I have from from those I don’t. You can see what I mean here:

It’s not perfect but it’s basically just a helpful guide and you’ll no doubt find a method that works for you!

You’ll see I also made some executive decisions. The Futures End tie-ins and Villains Month issues are listed as issues of their parent book rather than new series, and the same for the three Endgame tie-ins that were just announced.

Understanding the layout:

A Note on Volumes: You’ll notice I’ve now added a new column for volume. This doesn’t reflect volumes that are used in trade collection but rather series. Instead these separate different series that share the same name. For example the relaunched Batman book as part of the New 52 was the second time Batman had been launched so it’s Volume 2 while the new Batman series that’s launching as part of Rebirth is Volume 3. This is help distinguish issues with the same name and number as simply saying ‘Batman #1′ could relate to either these – or the original from 1940 – when you don’t use a volume to further specify which you’re referring to.

As for the rest of the layout, here’s a breakdown:

          • The top, Dark Orange month in a column is the Cover Date
          • The lower, Light Orange month in a column is the Actual Release Date
You can see both here

You can see both here

          • Light Purple is an ongoing series
          • Dark Purple is an ongoing miniseries/annual
          • Light Red is a cancelled ongoing series
          • Dark Red is a cancelled ongoing miniseries/annual
          • I colour the names of series and miniseries/annuals Light Blue and Dark Blue, respectively, when I’ve completed them
          • I’ve also added a Dark Grey for series that have been announced but not yet solicited or which simply never shipped.
          • There’s a key at the bottom of the spreadsheet and you can see an example of all 6 colours I use here:
The six colours I use here.

The colours I use, minus the new grey designation

          • You’ll also notice the new addition of the Light Green to the sheets.
          • At the end of a series this indicates a series continues on the next sheet and at the beginning of a row it indicates it is a series is a continuation from a previous sheet.
          • You can see both instances here:
Green indicating Action Comics continues on the next sheet...

Green indicating Action Comics continues on the next sheet…

...and indicating it continues on from a previous sheet.

…and indicating it continues on from a previous sheet.

“What else ya got??”

          • So, /u/Va_Fungool previously has uploaded a similar thing that they created but I didn’t click with for a few reasons. I didn’t like the layout, including splitting them into the various ‘waves’ and they include cover art as popups when you scroll over a cell which is cool but makes the document blow out to over 300mb. You can see what it looks like below. If it’s the kind of thing you like, you can find his latest version here.


          • Another user, /u/oco317, has created their own spreadsheet. They mentioned it in this post – and included the screenshot you see below – so if you like it’s style, maybe contact them?


Hope you guys enjoy this and find it useful and any feedback or suggestions are welcome! Maybe you want that big image available as a poster for your wall, or you do want me to upload a new, updated version of this every month? Just let me know :)

12 thoughts on “The Complete DC post-Flashpoint Spreadsheet [Updated to August 2016]

  1. Karthik says:

    Great work. Shows how dedicated you are. Just I am curious to know how you would manage this when the rebirth titles come in.


  2. Liam Purkiss says:

    Good work, almost exactly what I was after, I wanted a version that I could print off and check things off as I read them physically, so I edited and condensed your file down to this:

    It covers New 52 & DC You, 1 page per year (or part thereof) for New 52 and one page for DC You (A4, fit to width, portrait).

    I thought I’d share the link here in case anyone else found it useful. If you like it feel free to add it to the post. /u/Liambass if you’d like to contact me.


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