This blog is all about answering questions, so I thought I’d apply the Five Ws – a holdover from my days in journalism, many moons ago – to the blog and myself for this page!

What is this blog about?

It's all about asking... the Question!

It’s all about asking… the Question!

Ask the DC Multiverse Historian is a blog dedicated to tackling and answering any questions about the history of DC comics! Here you’ll find more than you ever wanted to know about your favourite and forgotten characters, histories, events and the Multiverse in general.

It is in no way designed to be an encyclopedia, plenty of those already exist as I mention lower on this page, but instead to assist in making those clearer. It’s one thing to read dates and facts but the purpose to this site is to help readers understand the story behind these.

For now it’s just me but I’d love to expand the writing team to include others. More historians is better for everyone after all! If you’d be interested in joining then the there are three main qualities I’m looking for are:

      • Enthusiastic – Part of my writing style is being positive and excited about this mad world of Gods, magic, science fiction, parallel worlds and men who dress like bats. I’d want that same level of joy and enthusiasm in the subject material of anyone I being on board.
      • Academic – I don’t expect to submit anything here to a journal nor do I care about qualifications – I do care about making sure quoted material is clearly labelled and providing links and references where possible is important to me. It’s about writing in a style to educate. :)
      • Dedicated – Not every topic deserves a 10,000 word response but part of what I love about this blog is taking answers further than the person asking even considered. An answer about Earth-8 shouldn’t just say “it’s an Earth based on Marvel characters” but expand on this, with background, versions, pictures and links to get a really good sense of it all.

If this sounds  like you drop me a line on Reddit or through the Ask Me Anything page that has all my contact details.

Where did this come from?


The lovable guys and gals at /r/DCcomics

Basically, for a while now I’ve been regularly answering questions in this vein on the DC comics subreddit, /r/DCcomics, over on Reddit. When I’d done a few dozen of the really long form ones I made a post collecting them, then another when I’d written twice that and… then it got a bit out of control, so I decided to start collecting them here.

I threw it up on a free WordPress.com blog to see if there was interest and as we’ve got 20,000 visitors in the first month I will be moving it to proper hosting with a proper domain soon.

When did this blog start?

I started the blog on the 16th of January 2015. You’ll find posts backdated from before that though as I did so so they appear in the order I wrote them – so the oldest ones, which may have more out of date information, don’t appear too close to the front of the archives. :)

Who are you?

UntitledMy name is Lachlan Hibbert-Wells, although I’m better known around the internet as Warlach. It seemed like a clever handle when I was 12 and got a high score at a TimeZone (a chain of arcades here in Australia) by combining Warlock and the first syllable of my name.

I’m nearly 30. half blind – my right eye is a prosthetic and you can see a video of me taking it out if you want to here – bisexual, polyamorous and live in the socialist paradise (by American standards) that is Australia. Most of my readers are from the US so feel free to visit – we’ll go get state paid for medical care together. The Australian thing means you also might notice that I use weird words on this blog like ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’, ‘mum’ instead of ‘mom’ etc.


My musical. There’s even a joke about Batman in it!

I’m a communications geek and work in marketing, advertising and communications as a digital strategist specialising in social and new media. This basically means I tell people how to use technology to talk to people about their causes, products or whatever. I used to work for big advertising agencies – yes, it was just like Mad Men – but currently work as a freelancer so I can pick my own clients and do pro bono work for charities etc.

I’m a lover of Batman, musical theatre, Doctor Who, ancient history, media (especially TV), technology and spend my spare time writing. I run the writers group Write Together here in Sydney and am currently working on a children’s book about a transhumanist princess and my first full-length musical, After Ever After.

How do you know so much?

People have been asking this question a fair bit so I thought this About page was the perfect place to answer it. It really comes down to a few things.

DC Wikia logo

DC Wikia logo

I have a reasonably excellent memory, especially for visual stimuli. I suck at remembering names of people I meet and birthdays – and there are other blindspots like the fact I never notice anyone’s eye colour  – but can recite a whole TV episode back to you a week later after watching it once, and I can also recall a ridiculous amount of knowledge from comics I read decades ago.

However, this isn’t the whole story.

UntitledA big part of my training in cultural studies, my years spent as a journalist and editor, and my proper career in communications since, is my ability to research, combine and simplify information. I can tell you off the top of my head what happened with a character or story but even I might remember something wrong or leave something out. Which is why I also take the time to check the following sources, at the very least:

      • DC Wikia – My favourite. Not always complete, and you’ll occasionally find things written by people without the best grip on english and grammar, but it’s very extensive.
      • UntitledComicVine – Good site, often fills gaps the DC Wiki misses
      • Wikipedia – there’s heaps more info on there than lots of people give it credit for!

Yes, I know a lot but when it comes to this blog it’s not just that I know a lot but that I’m building on all the work that’s gone before me. I’m not just standing on the shoulders of giants, I’m being carried in the arms of Kryptonians.

Why write this blog?

Oh, that’s fairly simple. An ex of mine once told me that if you’re going to be obsessive about something that that’s fine but you should use that obsession in some way. This is me using the knowledge I have to give back to others and help them get even more out of comics :)

Plus, I think it’s fun :)


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