2 thoughts on “Characters

    • Harrison Winter says:

      Trick question: Yes, Maybe, and No. First thing’s first, the DC Multiverse at this time has 7 unexplored universes within its domain (Earths 14, 24, 25, 27, 28, 46, and 49), so there IS a chance that 5 of those Earths (ones for Arrow’s Earth prime, Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth Supergirl, and 90’s Flash’s Earth) could exist, but also just as unlikely, as the Multiverse on the Flash television show was mentioned to be infinite.

      that said… There’s more than one Multiverse. There’s supposedly now around 3 or 4 Multiverses existing within (?) eachother’s space, and one of those Multiverses is the original Pre-Crisis multiverse, which was infinite. This all happened because of Convergence, which saw New Earth’s Superman (with Lois Land and baby Jonathan Kent), Earth-One Pre Crisis Supergirl, Pre-Crisis Barry Allen, and Zero Hour Parallax Hal Jordan travel back in time to stop the Anti Monitor from destroying the Multiverse (somehow), resulting in 1. Everything within the DC multiverse and realm of the gods to NOT be destroyed by Telos, a living planet who was being pumped full of Multiversal residue and tons of chronal energy and was going to basically force everything to force quit, and 2. making it so where everything was canon in DC lore.



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