Missing Characters

UntitledChange is hard, and that’s especially true when an entire Multiverse is involved! Even now, nearly three and half years since Flashpoint, many beloved characters are still out there in limbo, with no clear idea of what their fate is in the new universe, either on Earth 0 or otherwise. To that end I decided to create this: a dynamic list of Missing Characters!

Like a real world Missing Persons report, characters still qualify for the list  even if there are some slight references or cameos. Characters still count if they have:

      • Sightings – These are instances that let us know the character exists but don’t give any information as to what might be the same, or what might be different, about them in the new continuity. An example would be Renee Montoya appearing in a photograph in the first issue of Batwoman #1.
      • Hints – Obscure or offhand references, the kind of thing that would be easy for people to miss as referring to a missing character but would also be super easy for future continuity to ignore. An example would be name dropping the real name of Professor Zoom, Eobard Thawne, in a flash forward.
      • Creeper and Plastic Man in Justice League International #1Retconned Stuff – This includes stuff that was included but then later revealed to be a mistake by DC or somehow later retconned. An example would be the references to the original Teen Titans in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, or the page to the right from Justice League International #1 which features Plastic Man and Creeper, among others, who have both since had new origins.

Here is the working list of who I’ll be adding here. Plenty more to come, of course, and they’ll each get their own section as I expand it. And no, I will not be adding Wally West to the list.

      • Renee Montoya
      • Ralph and Sue Dibny
      • Plastic Man
      • Peacemaker
      • Cassandra Cain (Batgirl, Black Bat)
      • Metamorpho
      • Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom)
      • Detective Chimp
      • Vic Sage
      • Dr. Mid-Nite
      • James Jesse
      • Evan McCulloch
      • Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang II)
      • Linda West
      • Ma Hunkel
      • Jade and Obsidian
      • Nuklon
      • Sanderson Hawkins
      • Dr. Hoshi
      • The Montez twins
      • Crispus Allen
      • Jai and Iris West II
      • The Chambers family
      • Rick Tyler
      • Damage
      • Risk
      • Vril Dox II
      • Eddie Bloomberg (Red Devil)
      • Miss Martian
      • Aqualad (any of them)
      • Jack Knight
      • Kate Spencer
      • Ambush Bug
      • Rip Hunter
      • Granny Goodness
      • Eddie Fyers
      • Geo-Force
      • Hourman
      • Slam Bradley
      • Rick Flag
      • Icon
      • Rocket
      • Ryan Choi
      • The Endless
      • Sgt. Rock
      • Adam Strange
      • Scandel Savage
      • Lian Harper
      • To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Missing Characters

  1. Harrison Winter says:

    Should this list be updated to now remove a few names? such as Ryan Choi, Cassandra cain, Linda (park) West, both Aqualads, Eobard thawne, and the Dibneys?


    • Lachlan "Warlach" Hibbert-Wells says:

      Yeah, I know I need to get back to this site regularly.

      I keep up with all the DC stuff, especially as I mod the DC subreddit /r/DCcomics but that last year has really sucked for free time for this blog project. I do have a bunch of posts to put up too!


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